Route to Net Zero: Asia


1:30 - 5:30 PM GST / CST I 20 October 2021 I Online

13:30-17:30 北京时间/新加坡时间| 2021年10月20日 |线上

Asia is accountable for over 50% of global emissions emitting nearly 10 billion tonnes of carbon each year. This is set to increase rapidly as the urban population is projected to grow by 90 million by 2030. To make net zero achievable in Asia, significant emissions reductions are crucial.


As part of our global event series, Route to Net Zero: Asia will deep dive into the challenges and opportunities faced in managing climate risks in the region and present some of the latest developments and best practices in driving climate action among key actors. We will host a panel of experts, putting the topic of green finance under the magnifying glass to explore how financial investment and environmental responsibility intersect.


Attendees will also learn more about the opportunities available to companies and investors that can show leadership on climate change, with the agenda covering topics including carbon footprinting, net zero target setting, and the importance of transparency and reporting to demonstrate the effectiveness of action to stakeholders and consumers on your route to net zero.


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Speakers include:


Full agenda and speaker biographies coming soon.


Rebecca Wright

Chief Executive Officer Asia Investor Group for Climate Change

Caroline Le Meaux

Global Head of ESG Research, Engagement and Voting Amundi Asset Management

Matt Hu

Climate and Energy Project Lead – Asia Decathlon

Jean-Gaetan Guillemaud

Regional Director, Government Affairs & Sustainability Zuellig Pharma


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powerful keynote speakers and expert panellists



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“The Route to Net Zero: Asia event will provide a platform for insight sharing and communicating best practices in corporate carbon management, carbon emission reduction measures, and green finance in the Asian region. Specifically, the event will focus on key sectors and corporate case studies in China. Through cross-border exchanges in the field of carbon neutrality, we look forward to accelerating the move to China’s goals of carbon neutrality.”

Lijian Zhao

China Country Manager Carbon Trust

赵立建 碳信托中国区总经理

“The recent IPCC report is a sobering reminder that Asia’s low-carbon future will require heightened ambitions and decisive actions from its financial institutions. There is no better time for Asian financial institutions to rise up to international expectations and actively steer their portfolio companies on the route to net zero.”

Xin Yi Lau

Green Finance Lead, South East Asia Carbon Trust

东南亚绿色金融负责人 碳信托

Attend Route to Net Zero: Asia

参加迈向“净零排放”之路—碳信托全球论坛 (亚洲专场)

1:30 - 5:30 PM GST / CST I 20 October 2021 I Online

13:30-17:30 北京时间/新加坡时间| 2021年10月20日 |线上

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